Physicians (Doctors) for Social Justice (PSJ)


Physicians (Doctors) for Social Justice (PSJ)


Vision and Mission

We envision a society where every individual in every rural community lives in optimal health and wellbeing.

A community of development workers and health professionals who seek to ensure that every family in every rural community in Nigeria has optimal access to essential services including healthcare, water and sanitation, education, and sustainable livelihood through  direct healthcare services delivery, community mobilization and engagement, capacity development, and micro grant making to vulnerable households.

Who We Are

Physicians (Doctors) for Social Justice (PSJ) is a non-profit community-based development organization registered with the government of Nigeria. PSJ was founded in 2004 by young physicians who witnessed firsthand, the devastating impact of poverty and disease on the rural poor in northern Nigeria. Working with meager resources, under very challenging circumstances and environment, PSJ’s activities aim to reduce the burden of diseases among the rural poor, as well as promote community health, for marginalized rural communities.

How we Work

PSJ is working to address health, and broader social justice issues affecting poor rural communities in northern Nigeria, while also strengthening their capacities to advocate for their rights, and to keep their women, children and young people healthy.
PSJ uses innovative, practical, cost-effective solutions to reduce the burden of diseases and health challenges, while strengthening the capacities of marginalized rural communities to keep their women, children and young people healthy.
PSJ’s broad framework and holistic strategy addresses the full spectrum of health and social issues that limit rural people’s access to healthcare and that lead death of women, children and young people: from weak health systems and impeded transport to lacking community awareness about health and family planning. We are creating social change by promoting health-seeking behaviors in families, developing the capacity of local people as community volunteers through training, and initiating community dialogue that encourages community to place priority on women’s health. Through community outreach activities, PSJ mobilize families to access primary health services and treatment. PSJ engages in local and state level advocacy to the duty bearers to invest in human right fulfilling areas of health, sanitation, and education.

Who we Support

PSJ’s target groups are the most vulnerable populations in marginalized communities; women, children, young people, sex workers and people living with HIV/AIDS. PSJ currently serve a population of approximately 200,000 rural women, youths, children, and families affected by HIV/AIDS in rural northern Nigeria, through sustainable grassroots projects that help keep communities health and strengthen local capacity to deliver essential health services to their vulnerable populations.

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